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  1. N Murray says:

    hello i would like to visit Agreda, Spain

    i have years ago read the CITY of GOD
    by Mary of Agreda and one of the best books i have ever
    understood about mystical deep life of Jesus and Mary/Joseph
    and God/Demons/Angelic Celestial powers

    Can you give me some info on best way to get there
    economicaly from Barcelona?

    Thanks NM barcelona supastar7@yahoo.com

  2. admin says:

    To travel to Agreda from Barcelona you can take the train to Zaragoza. We took the Ave high-speed train and the trip only took a couple of hours. You can purchase tickets online at a reduced price. Once in Zaragoza we rented a car from Alamo car rental at the train station and made the 2 hour drive to Agreda. I think there may also be a bus that makes the trip from Zaragoza to Agreda but we did not investigate this option. Once in Agreda we stayed at the Donna Juana and the convent was only a short 10 minutes drive to the other side of town. The chapel with the tomb of Sister Maria was open during all the daylight hours when we visited. I think there may also be a daily mass at 7:00 AM.

  3. admin says:

    During our visit to Agreda in October 2012, we found Sister Maria’s body to be in-corrupt were able to meet with Sister Patricia Maria of the Holy Trinity and Consuelo Campos who we are keeping in our prayers as they are keeping us in theirs.

  4. Leena Rego says:

    Hello, my name is Leena Rego and I am bringing a group of 23 pilgrims from Mumbai, India to visit various shrines in Europe – ITALY, FRANCE, SPAIN PORTUGAL. We are travelling everywhere by coach. We will be arriving in Zaragoza from Lourdes on Tuesday, 28th May 2013.
    Please let me know how to reach the convent of Ven. Mary of Agreda. from the
    Basilica of El Pillar, Zaragoza. I have read the 4 volumes of the Mystical City of God and I desire to bring my group to visit the Convent where the uncorrupt body of Sr Mary of Agreda is kept.
    Kindly furnish the full address, road directions to give to coach driver and also what are the timings of visit because we will be leaving Zaragoza at around 1.00 p.m.
    From Agreda, we will be going to Madrid for our night halt and next day depart for Avila and onwards to Fatima. Also please let me know how long will it take us to
    reach Madrid from Agreda.
    Your quick response will be highly appreciated.
    Kind regards, Leena Rego

  5. admin says:

    Hi Leena,

    You may want to stop in Agreda on your way from Lourdes to Zaragosa as this will get you there earlier in the day for your visit. See the directions below from Lourdes to Agedawhich I retrieved from Google maps. When we visited the convent of Sister Maria we found the chapel where her body resides to be open at all times during daylight hours when we attempted to visit. Agreda is small town and you not have any trouble locating the convent once you arrive. Just look for the signs to the convent. If you need to go Zaragoza first then Agreda is about a 2 hour drive away. Let me know and I can provide directions from Zaragoza to Agreda.

    Peace and good to you Leena.


    1. Head north on Av. Maréchal Foch toward Imp. Blancard
    300 m
    2. Continue onto Rue Laffite
    59 m
    3. Continue onto Pl. Marcadal
    130 m
    4. Continue onto Rue Saint-Pierre
    93 m
    5. Continue onto Av. Général Baron Maransin
    300 m
    6. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Av. Alexandre Marqui
    140 m
    7. Turn left onto Bd du Commandant Célestin Romain/D914
    Continue to follow Bd du Commandant Célestin Romain
    Go through 1 roundabout
    600 m
    8. Continue onto Av. Antoine Beguere/D940
    Continue to follow D940
    Go through 3 roundabouts
    22.0 km
    9. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto D817
    Go through 1 roundabout
    1.7 km
    10. Turn right
    Partial toll road
    500 m
    11. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for A64/E80/Pau/Bayonne and merge onto A64/E80
    Partial toll road
    117 km
    12. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Bilbao/Saint Sébastien/Biarritz/Bayonne-Saint Léon and merge onto A63
    Partial toll road
    Entering Spain
    31.8 km
    13. Continue onto AP-8
    Toll road
    24.4 km
    14. Take exit 24 toward N-l/Lasarte-Oria/Tolosa/A-15/Iruña/Pamplona
    Toll road
    600 m
    15. Merge onto Variante Errepidea
    300 m
    16. Continue onto A-1
    8.4 km
    17. Take exit 445 to merge onto A-15 toward Irurtzun/Iruña/Pamplona
    43.6 km
    18. Continue onto AP-15
    Toll road
    16.4 km
    19. Continue onto A-15
    Toll road
    14.4 km
    20. Continue onto AP-15
    Toll road
    74.7 km
    21. Take exit 6 toward A-68/Tudela/N-113/Madrid
    Toll road
    850 m
    22. Continue straight
    4.5 km
    23. Take the ramp onto N-113
    32.7 km
    24. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto N-122
    3.6 km
    25. Turn left onto Calle Devanos
    8 m
    26. Take the 1st right to stay on Calle Devanos
    350 m
    27. Continue onto Calle Puerta de la Villa
    210 m
    28. Continue onto Calle Cervantes
    130 m
    29. Turn right onto Calle Arco
    130 m
    30. Turn left onto Calle Antonio Sonier
    86 m
    31. Continue onto Plaza Castejón

  6. Leena Rego says:

    Thank you so very much for the details provided. But just for an option to decide
    later whether it would be more convenient to go first to Zaragoza and then to Agreda,
    would much appreciate your giving me directions from Zaragoza to Agreda and then
    onwards to Madrid.
    Actually, our coach driver knows the route from Lourdes to Zaragoza and it may not
    be a problem but since it is first time for me to visit Agreda, I would like to have this
    details as an option.

    Many thanks and waiting to hear from you. If you are from Agreda, would like to
    meet you.
    Kindest regards, Leena

  7. admin says:

    Hi Leena,

    We rented a car in the train station in Zaragoza with a GPS and it only took a couple of hours to get there following the directions provided. I found the following directions on Google maps for the drive from Zaragoza to Agreda. Once you in Agreda it is only a 10 minute drive to the Conceptionist Sisters convent.

    Suggested routes
    105 km, 1 hour 16 mins
    AP-68 and N-122
    Driving directions to Ágreda, Soria, Spain
    This route has tolls.

    1. Head west on Paseo de Teruel toward Calle Castellví
    290 m
    2. Take the 2nd right onto Calle José Anselmo Clave
    Go through 1 roundabout
    500 m
    3. Turn right onto Calle General Mayandía
    170 m
    4. Turn left onto Paseo María Agustín/N-232
    Continue to follow N-232
    600 m
    5. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit
    2.3 km
    6. Continue straight onto A-68
    900 m
    7. Continue onto AP-68
    Partial toll road
    45.0 km
    8. Take exit 19 for N-122 toward Soria
    Partial toll road
    1.0 km
    9. Turn left onto N-122
    13.3 km
    10. Turn left onto Calle Capuchinos/N-122
    81 m
    11. Turn right onto Calle Espiolla/N-122
    Continue to follow N-122
    21.8 km
    12. Sharp left toward Calle Teresa Cajal/N-122
    31 m
    13. Turn right onto Calle Teresa Cajal/N-122
    Continue to follow N-122
    14.4 km
    14. Take the N-113/N-122 ramp to Pamplona/Ágreda
    350 m
    15. At the roundabout, take the 4th exit onto N-122
    3.6 km
    16. Turn left onto Calle Devanos
    8 m
    17. Take the 1st right to stay on Calle Devanos
    350 m
    18. Continue onto Calle Puerta de la Villa
    210 m
    19. Continue onto Calle Cervantes
    130 m
    20. Turn right onto Calle Arco
    130 m
    21. Turn left onto Calle Antonio Sonier
    86 m
    22. Continue onto Plaza Castejón
    10 m

    Soria, Spain
    Save to My Maps

  8. Doris Gathenya, from Kenya says:

    I am in Madrid for another 2 days. Where can I purchase Maria Agreda 4 volumes book of city of God here in Madrid in English version? Am heading Germany for 3 days any chance there? Is This place Agreda near Madrid, is one day enough to visit. If not kindly let me know any pilgrimage sites I could visit on this coming saturday. Sorry to hurry you like this. See what you can do. God bless you

  9. admin says:

    Hi Doris,

    I have not been to Madrid but I would check the Catholic gift shops at the local cathedrals or other large catholic book stores. Agreda is 1.5 hours east of Zaragosa. You take the Ave to Zaragosa from Madrid and rent a car from Alamo at the train station.

    Harvey Meier, OFS

  10. Looking for permission to use your photo of the incorrupt body of Mary of Agreda in a book, “Searching for Fine Pearls,” which is a brief summary of the Mystical City of God to be published by Loreto Publishing P.O. Box 603, Fitzwilliam, NH 03447, http://www.loretopubs.org/ 603.239.6671, Doug Bersaw .

    We have been told that the image we submitted is not useable and we need a replacement image (300 d.p.i.) by Friday, June 19, or Loreto will go to press without any image of the incorrupt body. We feel it is critical to include an image of the body. We would appreciate your assistance.

  11. admin says:

    Hi Doug,

    Our shot of Sister Maria’s incorrupt body required our travel and lodging expense for the trip from the USA to Spain and back. We would appreciate a donation via the Donate button on the site and credit to Mystical City Media as well Franciscan Conceptionist Nuns of Agreda who allowed us to take the photos at the convent.

    We will keep you and success of the book in our prayers and please keep us an our projects in yours.

    Harvey Meier,
    Franciscan Brothers and Sisters of Penance (OFS)
    Mystical City Media

  12. Marie Eidam says:

    I appreciate the info on Agreda on your site. I found a bus that will take me from Barcelona Nord to Agreda. Is there a hotel in Agreda by the bus stop? Are there taxis there? I wish to visit the convent and Sister Maria. I will have luggage and a close by hotel makes sense. After depositing baggage in a hotel, I could walk to the convent. Please suggest anything that would help me in this endeavor. I then head to Madrid and travel there looks like several buses and trains. Suggestions?

  13. admin says:

    We stayed at the Donna Juana which is about a 10 minute drive or maybe 20 – 30 minute walk (about a mile) to the the convent. The Donna Juana has a kitchen downstairs that provides hot meals and coffee etc. A taxi may be a better idea or if you stay the Donna Juana depending on the weather and how much you like to walk. We did find a very good bakery in the main square although I don’t recall the name. Agreda is a small town. The Donna Juana was the only hotel we saw but there may be other places to stay.

  14. Marie Eidam says:


    I used public transport, exclusively…inexpensive and efficient. I came from Barcelona Nord station and had a 6 hour ride to Agreda. The bus station in Agreda is high above the town so it is a steep walk up and down with luggage…I stayed in B & B Pension El Hayedo de Moncaya. It is clean, safe, and close to the town square. There is a communal kitchen and no elevators…there is a minimal breakfast. There is a small grocery store and bakery in town. I walked to the convent. The local tourist office is in the town square area but closed Mon and Tues. The convent church door is open and you may see Sor Maria. A group of towns people were very accommodating and got someone to open the museum. I got tons of pictures and spent time talking with the locals. Read Maria of Agreda by Marilyn Fedewa and Mystical City of God if you can before going. I left with a Vibasa bus to Soria and immediately took a Therapasa bus to the Madrid airport. I stayed at an airport hotel with efficient shuttle bus. There was a multi level shopping mall with food court etc within walking distance. The next day, I flew home.

    Agreda has minimal facilities…one day there is plenty. I could not get a cab in lieu of walking up the steep hill with luggage ( unavailable before 0830).

  15. Dan Alvarez says:

    I would like to buy the four volume set in Spanish of The Mystical City of God by Mary of Agreda. Please advise how to do this. Thanks, Dan Alvarez

  16. admin says:

    Dan, I can’t seem to find the Spanish version. I recommend you contact the convent in Agreda, Spain.

  17. arlene david says:

    what is the complete address of the convent where i can find the icorrupt body i am olanning to go there this may 2018 thanks

  18. admin says:

    Hi Arlene, Agreda is a small town. The convent is on the opposite side of town from the Donna Juana. A very short drive or long walk. They can tell you were it is.

  19. Nancy scofield says:

    I signed up to receive your news letter and then it said go to inbox in email and confirm
    but nothing showed up in my email?????

  20. admin says:

    My apologies Susan. I need to renew my e-mail newsletter license.

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