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href=””>IMG_0565Today was like most days when my holy wife does not need to work first shift at the hospital. I rolled up of bed in my typically fog and shuffled to the kitchen to attempt to make a pot of coffee. Somehow I got a pot started and went to the bedroom to grab my copy of Christian Prayer (The Liturgy of the Hours) and found is was the feast of Saints Anne and Joachim, the parents of the most blessed Virgin Mary.

Anne and Joachim are very dear to me as the Mystical City of God describes their very holy and prayerful lives and their prayers for the coming of the messiah. I was not able to make all the way through the morning prayers before it was time for work but was able to finish it after the 12:05 mass of Mary Queen of the Universe Shrine.

I was able to finish the matins and prime prayers from the Office of the Passion during my drive to work. During the drive I was very much aware of personal sin and need for penance.  Much more so than usual and I became aware that God was speaking to me although I had recently been complaining that he was not speaking to me.

During the 12:05 mass, as usually I felt immersed in the presence of the eternal moment of the last supper, passion and crucification of Jesus. Like being present in the time of the temporal world and in the timeless eternity at the same time.


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    Today started about about 5:45 with getting up to see my dear wife off to her 12 hours shift as a mother/baby nurse. Then off a quick seven mile bike ride and to bless everyone I meet. I was able to say Primer and Terce from the Office of the Passion on 31 mile drive to work. After a few short hours of work I was also able to make the 12:05 mass at Mary Queen of the Universe shrine arriving just at the start of mass (but after the Angelus).

    After mass I saw a young women who just last week I had seen crying in church while praying after everyone else had left. I had given her a silent blessing then. Today she was staying afterwards again praying fervently. I gave her a silent blessing again and asked our Holy King and Queen that she be included on my daily prayer chain.

  2. admin says:

    After going to mass today, I stopped by the drive through window and Wendys. I have been going there less lately since I have been packing my lunch but today I had a very special surprise. A sweet young Latina women who I have been thinking of for a part in the Mystical City of God made her appearance at the window as if she was a marionette. It was quite sweet and special. I have her a blessing and she said “thank you”.

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    It was pleasant in Winter Springs, FL this morning as I started the day with the Office of the Passion Psalm IX the then the Invitatory and morning prayer for Week II and the 22nd Sunday in Ordinary time, Year B.

    I bought Nicole the New Roman Missal so I looked up the readings for her and read them myself. It is truly wonderful how the church has aligned the readings and gospel so they all support the teaching point the Holy Spirit intended. To know and live God’s law of love as it was provided without adding to it or subtracting from it. It seems the we humans are continually reinterpreting God’s law and trying to re-invent God in our own image. God is the eternal wisdom without beginning and without end and does not change since all knowledge and love was with God from all eternity.

    I finished the day with the 13 mile bike ride along the Cross Seminole trail giving everyone I passed The Blessing of the Divine Mercy.

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    Today is feast of St. Padre Pio, my spiritual father in the Franciscan order and a day of many amazing gifts of the Holy Spirit. Thank you Padre Pio. Please continue to pray for us.

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    On our last night in Barcelona, we had dinner at small Tapas bar on one of the narrow streets close to our hotel. It was one of the few places still open as it was late, damp and chilly. Just as we were leaving the restaurant into a very dark and empty street I heard a small voice calling after me. As turned I to see who was I calling I was surprised to see a barefoot beggar who asked me if I had some fire to light her cigarette. I told her I did not smoke but reached in my pocket for a coin and raised my right hand to give her the Blessing of Divine Mercy. I closed my eyes for a brief moment while struggling remember the words of the blessing (after the complimentary pitcher of Sangria). When I re-opened my eyes I found her in a profound bow with her head on the ground at my feet. I completed giving her the blessing and gave a small alms and left with a wounded heart.

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    I have had the great blessing of encountering many beggars who the Most High God in His mercy sends to teach me the virtue of humility. This virtue which I find so difficult to receive. As Franciscans we know that very well that we should never pass a beggar without giving alms as our order has a great tradition of begging starting with our Seraphic Father Francis.

    Recently I encountered young woman begging name Mica. The first time we met she asked for a couple of dollars for bus far to “get back to Daytona”. The second time she made the same request and asked if we could pray together and we did.

    I always ask the beggars I encounter if I can give them the Blessing of Divine Mercy and they are always willing to receive it. God is so very merciful to allow me to meet and bless the beggars and to give them the humble alms they request and to give them a blessing. They are most surely the daughters and sons of the Most High God whom in His great mercy He has sent to teach us His holy humility.

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    One of the great joys I have as Brother of Penance (a Secular Franciscan) is to give the Blessing of Divine Mercy. I try to give this blessing to everyone I meet each day with the outward sign of the cross. I especially enjoy giving this blessing to during my 12 mile bike route on the Cross Seminole Trail. I find it to be an amazing gift to see so many I bless tipping their heads forward or giving me a smile. Many of them seem to know me now and seem to appreciate the blessing. I think I have been giving this blessing for at least seven years now and have blessed many thousands. Initially I was somewhat afraid and expected angry or hostile reactions and I have seen a few but these are rare and most appreciate being acknowledged and prayed for.

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    So in am the autumn of my life I am starting over yet again. Such a great blessing to have God’s divine mercy and another opportunity to learn to practice the Franciscan charism of detachment from all temporal goods and to focus on serving God alone. To live a Christian life in this temporal world is and has always been a life of either white or red martyrdom. If we are not being attacked by the demons and those they control in this world it can only be because we become complacent are no longer in forefront of the battle.

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    The last couple of weeks have been very interesting for our plans to complete the demo reel for the Mystical City of God. I made contact with Carlos Espinosa of Holywood Studios who provided some great guidance and is reading the screen play. We may be able to work together to shoot a few scenes for the demo reel.

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    At this point discussions with Holywood studios has turned into a bit of a u-turn. My initial intent with contacting them to find actors to play a few scenes but Marta Dubois has advised some additional editing to create a shorter version called a “short”. I am currently discussing next steps with my family but I will most likely create a project on to attempt fund the production.

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    It has been an very interesting month. A few weeks back, in the middle of a bad dream where I was being pushed by a demon from behind towards a hole in a wall I did not want to go through, I was suddenly awakened by the extremely load sound of the house security alarms going off with no apparent reason as the system was turned off.

    Last week on the feast of the Assumption of Holy Mary, I learned from the homily of a local pastor that Pope Pius XII had instituted this feast day in 1954 and declared the year (the year I was born) to be a Marian year.

    Today, on my 59th birthday I renewed my total consecration to Jesus through Mary and shortly there after we were greeted by our small red miniature pincher carrying a blessed palm frond in its mouth. We have no idea where she found it but we were quite surprised to see this over four months since we celebrated Palm Sunday and were not aware of any palm fronds within her reach.

    In just a few more days I will celebrate the 20th anniversary of witnessing my first Marian miracle at St. Josephs church in Cold Springs, Kentucky. It has been an interesting month and it is not over yet. Praised be Jesus! Praised be his most Holy Mother!

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    During the past month I have had the great blessing of encountering our Lord’s in several of His poor beggars. I always ask them if they would like a blessing and they always say yes. I give them Blessing of Divine Mercy which the Holy Spirit gave to me and which has approved by my Pastor in conformance with #1669 of the Catechism of Catholic Church.

    These children of God always seem very grateful for the blessing for the small alms I provide. Recently I have encountered entire families with young children who accompany their parents while they beg. We have many poor and homeless here in Central Florida. Just this last Friday I encountered I young family who appeared to from the one of the carribean islands and now living on the streets of downtown Orlando, They received the blessing with and small alms with great joy and thanksgiving.

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    I can’t believe it has been so long since my last update. During he last 6 months on have been struggling very much with what feels like a great spiritual darkness or what has sometimes been called the dark night of the soul. However there were many consolations provided by the dear Jesus and Mary.

    Even though the working conditions at Disney GBTS were the among the worst I have encountered in my 35 year career in information technology, I found great consolation in attending the 12:05 daily mass at Mary Queen of the Universe shrine. I also felt the very close embrace of Jesus during the permanent professions of several new Brothers and Sisters of Penance in October 2013.

    My father law, Gene Driscoll who turned 86 years old became very ill and we returned to Cincinnati to visit him in late February and prayed very hard for him. During our visit he seemed delirious but asked us for our blessing which we provided. He passed away on March 8th and we returned to Cincinnati to attend his funeral. During my visit I was able to visit St. Gabriel church and pray which was also a great consolation.

    Today was good Friday and I experienced a feeling of peace that was also great a consolation. The body and blood of Jesus is the greatest gift this world has ever received and ever will receive.

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    I can’t believe it has been three months since my last post. When I told the Ciber that I needed to travel to Cincinnati to attend my father-in-laws funeral they responded by informing that I had three days to find a new position out of town or I would be terminated. Since we had to leave the following morning I did not even have time to look. It has now been three months I am still looking for a new job. Jesus I trust in you!

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    I do not why I am surprised by the frequency of trials I have endured during the last months. The demons have many people under their influence in the dark age in which we are currently living. Evcn within the church where I seek refuge often find persecution when I expect solace. Jesus I trust in you!

  16. admin says:

    Today on my 17 mile bike ride along the Cross Seminole trail where I bless everyone I pass with the Blessing of Divine Mercy I heard I head and interior voice say to me “The Lord reserves the right to test those He loves before he bestows upon them even greater blessings. Remember how he tested Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and how richly He blessed them”.

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