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John 14:6
Jesus saith to him: I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No man cometh to the Father, but by me.

Mystical City Media is a Roman Catholic Christian media company focused on the new evangelization in the Franciscan charism through multiple media channels including films, documentaries and music. We are fervent seekers of the Truth and understand that this is a lifelong journey with many trials, tribulations and attempts to deceive us. We believe that our Total Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary is an essential part of this journey. We recommend all our visitors complete this consecration and join the battle as slaves of love to Jesus and Mary and assist them along with all the angels and saints in their mission to save poor sinners like us from the fires of hell.

Our planned projects at this time include a documentary on the life of the Franciscan mystic, Sister Maria of Agreda and eventually a full length film on the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary as derived from Sister Mary of Agreda’s great work titled “The Mystical City of God”.

Our approach to this important project will be to used only the quoted dialog as provided by Sister Maria of Jesus from her visions of the life of Holy Mary. For the setting and background information we will use the extremely detailed descriptions of the key events as provided by Sister Anne Catherine Emmerich in her great work “The Life of Jesus Christ”. It took years of research but we believe that this approach will provide the most accurate rendering of the of lives of Jesus and Mary from the perspective of Holy Mary.

Although these projects have been started with confidence in divine providence, we need donations from our friends and subscribers to help us bring them to successful completion.

Please subscribe if would you like to receive our e-mail newsletter. We are currently covering key points of “True  Devotion to  Mary” by St. Louis De Montfort. (http://www.ewtn.com/library/montfort/truedevo.htm)

At this time we also need to inform all our visitors about the deepening crisis in Catholic Church since the election of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio as Pope Francis. Please visit our page http://mysticalcitymedia.com/red-flags-for-with-papacy-of-jorge-bergoglio-as-pope-francis/ for our analysis regarding how his teachings conflict with the law as given to Moses on Mt. Sinai in the ten commandments, the teachings of the prophets, and the fulfillment of law and prophets in Jesus Christ our King and Savior.

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A permanently professed member of Secular Franciscan Order. Christian singer, songwriter and author.
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  1. admin says:

    Essential truths that we want every Mystical City Media visitor to know.

    God does exist. He is one the Most Holy Trinity; the Father and, His only Begotten Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. He created universe and all creatures in it.

    He created heaven, hell and purgatory and angelic spirits (including those fallen angels who seek to destroy souls). God created man and woman in his own image and likeness. God loves us with an eternal and unconditional love. He has given us free will so we can freely choose to become like Him in our unconditional love for Him and our fellow men women or to reject Him and to and serve only ourselves.

  2. admin says:

    God gave us His holy commandments to we might have peace in this life and eternal bliss with Him in heaven. He told us that we should love him with all being and our neighbor as ourselves and that we set one day a week aside to keep holy in His sacred name.

  3. Tom & Brian Radtke says:

    Great endeavor you have started – If the scientists and evolutionists would only admit they are made from nothing, and allow the possibility of Divine Revelation, then maybe the REAL TRUTH of how old the Earth is would be accepted, according to The Light given to Mary of Agreda…All creation is Now Only around 7200 years old, NOT Billions.

    And Another Note:
    One of the worst and most destructive deceptions that Satan could come up with is the introduction of the word “human” into the language of mankind. “Humanism” was condemned by popes and not one place in the Bible mentions that word; Always man, men, mankind, or woman…Why associate yourself with “human” (I’ve seen on this website multiple times), when Spiritual Insight would say show honor and respect to God by not using that word. It is an unfortunate situation that some copy and believe what they say see and hear others say, and like a virus, the darkness spreads because of their ignorance…the problem of “the blind leading the blind.” This has been the sad case with the use of that “h” word, which appears to have spread and is accepted by just about everyone…yet the word IS Offensive to God, Our Father, The Creator, Who Made man and woman, distinct and separate, not generic; God’s Command to have man and woman become one in procreation and spiritual/sacramental union was the way God intended the union of man and woman – not by using a word that contaminates the idea of such a union and actually mocks the Will of God in His Command of the two becoming one flesh…. To God, using h***n is like irritating an Open Wound to His Sacred Being, since that generic word is used so carelessly and without concern, for the ignorant “know not what they do” in their offenses against The Creator.

    And a Warning: Those who deliberately use that word will look NEITHER male nor female in the next world as a punishment for the insult done to The One Who Made them specifically male or female…Such insults deserve such a punishment —

    We’ve Given you A Spiritual Work Of Mercy by Instructing you, so Don’t forfeit the benefits you are going to get from the movie you are attempting to make.

    Best Regards to your movie,

    Tom & Brian Radtke

  4. Evelyn says:

    I’m interested in a pilgrimage tour in Spain that includes Agreda. Can you recommend a site or group or person to contact? Thank you very much.

  5. admin says:

    Hi Evelyn

    Leena Rego led a pilgrimage from Lourdes to Agreda last year. Her posts can be found on the page for the Pilgrimage to Agreda.

    Peace and good to you Evelyn!

  6. Marzena says:

    Hi, I am so grateful to God that I found your website “by coinsidens”. I am Polish and now live in Poland. I had been 11 years in England. I have a lot to say but in the first email I do not want to do it. I have known about this crises in our Catholic Church may be from 3 years. Also by digging catholic books and readings of different sources but major written before 1958. I know this document Alta Vendeta and its programme but I believe according to Jesus Christ’promise that no devil neither evil or demons destroy Our Catholic Churche because He will be with him and us until the end of the world. This is very diffcult world nowadays. Despite of the obviouse facts of departure from Catholic Tradition and introduce a massive of changes to dim(obscure) the true and to disorientate ordinary catholics many of us(but not a lot) in my country understand what is going on. Unfortunately not a lot. We are devided even in families and societes. My family is the best example. I have 3 sons and a husband. Me and my the oldest son think the same however my husband and 2 of sons contradict(deny) the true. They do not want to believe the true and they do not even know the true. It is very sad for me. I have just finished reading the good book about St Francis and his life and what he had done and left for us. I believe that he and his orders can safe the world nowadays. I would like even to belong maybe to the Secular Fraciscan Order but I want to ask you how you can agree to continue Franciscan’a programme if they changed( PaulVI & VCII) his rules.? How to carry Franciscan’s Rule in Secular Franciscan Order in present time when what we see it is not true. These people on the top as “leaders”(popes, cardinals, bishops) are heretics so they can not be real leaders and they spread heresy to us. Can you reply to my email, please. I have been praying with Rosary all the time to find the true and I believe that in any difficult time God send someone who highlight the true to people.

  7. admin says:


    I really appreciate receiving your comment which is gift and revelation to me as I have pondering the same questions you are asking.There seem me to be very few among us who understand what is really going with Jorge Bergolgio as Pope Francis. A Jesuit pretending to be a Franciscan who does not preach the penance St. Francis preached nor the Gospel Jesus taught.

    If you feel the call to be Franciscan don’t let the obvious corruption in the church, especially since Vatical II and now “Pope Francis” who is not a Franciscan discourage you. St. Padre Pio and St. Maximilian Kolbe were true Franciscans. If have not already done so I recommend you complete your total consecration to Jesus though Mary as done by St. Louis de Montfort, St Maximian Kolbe and St. Padre Pio.

    Peace and good to you Marzena.

  8. Can you link me up with Hollywood screenplay agents willing to represent a story about the defeat of hell from the point of view of Venerable Mary of Agreda and Blessed Anne Emmerich?

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