Production Now In Progress for the Demo Reel for “The Mystical City of God” Movie

We are very blessed that Dominika Van Santen will play the role of Sister Maria of Jesus (of Agreda. We will begin shooting this summer.

Our In our pre-production research we needed to visit Sister Maria’s convent in Agreda. Our first stop on the way to visit Sister Maria convent was in Barcelona where attended mas at the Cathedral of Barcelona. It was an amazingly beautiful place. Once inside we found our that Jesus Our Savior and His Holy Mother Mary was waiting for us.

Next we traveled on to Zaragoza where we had the great blessing to be present at the feast of Our Lady of the Pillar.



Sisters Maria's Habit and Choir CapeThe Franciscan Conceptionist Sisters from Agreda have sent the medallions like those worn by Sister Maria of Jesus and Eugenia has completed the choir cape. Dominika will play the part of Sister Maria in the demo reel. We are very blessed!

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  1. admin says:

    We are also looking for a writing desk that bears a close semblance to Sister Maria’s. A simple rectangular desk of dark wood.

  2. Sharon Williams says:

    PLEASE PLEASE make this movie. The world is soooooo in need if this movie right now. Please don’t give up. Pray and She and Her Son will make a way. Thank you and God Bless.

  3. susan caye says:

    where can I buy this movie?

  4. admin says:

    We hope to complete a documentary on the life of Sister Maria of Jesus (of Agreda) early next year and use this as leverage to gain the additional funding needws make the “Mystical City of God” movie. Keep us in our prayers. We are also accepting donations.

  5. admin says:

    I have made contact with the local Screen Actors Guild and they have advised me on next steps and contract options. We are also looking for locations to film the initial scenes which at this point will include Sister Maria’s initial burning of her manuscript for the “Mystical City of God”, the beginning again and the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

  6. admin says:

    We will be headed back Spain in just a few weeks to continue our pre-production work for filming the initial scenes of “The Mystical City of God” movie. We will keep you posted on our progress.

  7. admin says:

    Hello Sharon,

    Sorry for the delay in responding. I just noticed your kind words. We will be back in Spain in just a few more weeks to attempt to complete our pre-production research with a visit to the convent of Sister Maria of Jesus in Agreda. We hope to shoot the initial scenes later this year. Please keep us on your prayers.

    Totus Tuus!

    Harvey Meier, OFS

  8. admin says:

    The scenes we plan to shoot in Agreda include:

    An introduction to Mystical City Media and the movie project in front sister Maria convent (the statue of Sister Maria outside of the convent)

    Sunrise in Agreda from a panoramic location (weather permitting and without narration)

    Sunset in Agreda from a panoramic location (weather permitting and without narration)

    An introduction to the sisters (if they will allow it and would like to speak)

    Sister Maria’s cell

    The location where Sister Maria burned the original manuscripts if Mystical City of God

    The visitor parlor with the spiked grill

    The church with the tomb of Sister Maria

    The church where sister Maria was baptized

  9. admin says:

    Actors parts for the initial scenes.

    Sister Maria of Jesus – A young slender woman of Spanish heritage who can speak English and Spanish. (Sister Maria led a penetential life of fasting and prayer)

    St Anne – A young slender women with brown hair. St Anne was a Jewish woman of the Essenian sect who’s lives were devoted to fasting and prayer for the coming of the Messiah.

    St. St Joachim – St Joachim is described “as a broad, spare man”

  10. admin says:

    Today we purchased a quill pen and ink well that we will used to film the scenes with Sister Maria of Jesus writing the “Mystical City of God” with narration. Now we are looking a writing desk to closely match the one used by Sister Maria based on photographs of the original quill pen and desk from her cell at the convent in Agreda.

  11. Rachel Rendon says:

    I am in the process of reading the Mystical City of God and stumbled on this site as I was doing some research on Venerable Sister Mary of Agreda. I know the Blessed Virgin and her Son, Jesus Christ, are doing something supernatural with this book and want it to be promoted. I will be praying for the Holy covering and and financial provision for this project to be completed according to the perfect will of our Heavenly Father. May the Holy Trinity shower their blessings down upon you and all involved in supporting this project!

  12. Michelle Estrada says:

    Hello my name is Michelle & I’m from Austin, TX. About 3 1/2 yrs ago. I found a painting of Sr Maria Jesus de Agreda in a house I was remodeling. It was going into the dumpster. When I saw her face in the painting, it was like if she was speaking to me thru her eyes. She was saying, ” please take me, its time for me to get out. to be known”. I started to do A LOT of research on the name that was on the bottom of the painting, which is MURILLO. He was a baroque painter from Seville Spain. Like also Sr Maria being from Spain. I was so astonished at her story. I couldn’t begin to tell you how many people I’ve met. Her story is amazing. I have even tried to contact Mel Gibson in regards to making a movie on Sr Maria as well, but have had no luck. He got his inspiration from her Mystical City of God book to do the “Passion of the Christ”. I just saw this website on all the amazing things you are doing on Sr Maria Jesus. I hope to meet the nuns from her convent. We’ve emailed a few times. I pray that her movie is a huge success. I still haven’t been told if the painting is an original from Murillo. I just have been told that it is from that era, 17th century(1600). Please email me if you would like more information or to see the painting. Sincerely, Michelle

  13. Angela Arizpe says:

    I am located in Texas, I have a simple wooden desk that looks really old. If you are interested, call me at 512.363.0999

  14. Angela Arizpe says:

    Also,I have started writing a movie to be based on Maria. this is AWESOME!!!!

  15. admin says:

    Hello Rachel,

    Thank you very much for your comments and prayers. I will also keep you in my prayers. We will need many prayers to make the movie a reality. Let me know what you think of he screen play for the movie.

    Peace and good to you Rachel!

    Harvey Meier
    Secular Franciscan Order

  16. admin says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Thank you for your comment. I would definitely like more information and to see the painting of Sister Maria. I will also post some photos we took of paintings of Sister Maria we shot during our visit to Agreda.

    Peace and all good to you Michelle!

    Harvey Meier
    Secular Franciscan Order

  17. admin says:

    Hi Angela,

    Thanks for letting me know. Can you send a picture of the desk. It may work for the movie.

    Peace and all good to you Angela.

    Harvey Meier
    Secular Franciscan Order

  18. admin says:

    Hello Friends of Mystical City Media,

    I apologize for delay since the last update. The last couple of months of been very interesting for our efforts to move ahead with production of the Mystical City of God. moving. After much searching we have finally found someone in the central Florida area who can make the costumes. We are going to meet her next week. We are also follow up on some leads with local theater groups to try to identify the actors for the initial scenes.

    We have also completed some initial some of the video we shot at Sister Maria’s convent in Agreda, Spain last October and now we want add a couple of dramatic scenes before posting the project to to pitch for additional funding.

  19. admin says:

    After much prayer and some fearful procrastination we began contacting talent agencies in the Orlando area have have already received several photos and resumes from BMG talent for actresses to play the part of Sister Maria of Jesus. We will provide some script for the actresses to read and look forward to seeing some video from their auditions.

  20. admin says:

    We have received our first audition video from BMG and we are quite impressed. We think we may now have found an actress to play Sister Maria of Jesus!

  21. Charles Okika says:

    I have a script based on the visions of Ven. Mary of Agreda and Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich. Its an entirely new level of dramatization and characterization. I am looking for a hollywood agent or producer most likely to embrace the project for the sake of souls.

  22. admin says:

    Hi Charles,

    It sounds like we are working on similar projects.I wish you much success. There can not be never be enough said or done to let the world know about the wonderful truths of our salvation.

  23. kc says:


    I hope it will not be inappropriate to state my opinion here as a traditional Catholic who venerates Mary of Agreda, her life and works. I will be praying for the aesthetics (including the modesty) of this film to reflect the true beauty of God. I do not mean to sound harsh at all, but the model-actress is in need of training, especially as she will be playing the role of a very holy woman. Her demeanor is distracting, particularly the strange pauses between phrases. I hope that, if possible, the filmmakers will choose someone who has a true reverence for the Mother of God and her revelations, as the effect in a work like this could not help but come across as more genuine (as with Gibson’s Passion). I wish this project the best results and to stand out as unique among the many purportedly “Christian” (i.e., tacky Protestant) films that come out so often nowadays.

    God bless you

  24. Maria says:


    I was just wondering if anyone here has compared the *complete* English version of the Mystical City of God with the * “Popular Abridged” * version? I bought the latter recently and was just wondering what may have been removed to condense it from 2,676 pages to 608 pages.



  25. Rick says:

    I hope the lighting is more realistic to the time period. The trailer lighting, especially indoors is much too bright. I will pray that this effort be guided!! I wish I could help.
    I’ve read the abridged version 2x and the complete version 1x. Reading complete version for a second time. If you line up your liturgical year time-line so that you synchronize book reading with the feast of the incarnation you can pace yourself by reading book so that it parallels with the liturgical year. You virtually live the life of Mary. In this regard perhaps the production should be a series rather than a complete movie where time is taken to meditate on each section.

    Anybody know why book is doubling it’s retail value every 6 months?

  26. admin says:

    Thanks for your comment Rick. We will be more careful with the lighting in our next shoot. This was a first attempt.

  27. kathleen says:

    I will pray for you that you may have good success with this film!
    Please keep us posted!
    In Jesus and Mary,
    Kathleen Heckenkamp

  28. admin says:

    Thanks Kathleen. At this point we are thinking that the next scenes we will film will be the Blessed Virgin Mary’s appearances and messages to Sister Maria of Jesus. Please pray for us.

  29. REGINA says:

    I am so happy that you are going to make this movie plz make it soon .we wants to see the mysteries of god on the screen. I will pray for u to get a wisdom from the holy spirit to make this movie perfectly.LET MOTHER MARY GUIDE YOU FOR THE ENTIRE PROCESS.AMEN

  30. admin says:

    Thank you Regina. Please pray for us and we will pray for you.

  31. James says:

    Please make this movie,we have waited for it for years now but we know Gods time is always the best.
    You are in our prayers here in Africa

  32. admin says:

    Thanks James. It is lifelong dream of mine to complete the movie but we can’t do it by ourselves. We need prayers and donations. A this point we plan to film a few mores scenes with the messages from the Blessed Virgin Mary to Sister Maria and keep praying.

  33. Germain Bianchi says:

    I would like to donate if the film is still in the works. Or has it stalled?

  34. admin says:

    Hello Germain,

    Sister Anne of Marian News who I greatly trust and respect has advised me to push ahead with the film project and I intend to do so.


  35. Nickola Wallace says:

    I hope it can be produced and shown soon!

  36. admin says:

    Me too Nikola. What ever Our Holy Queen wants will certainly come to pass. We need to pray our daily rosary for the consecration of Russia by the pope with all the bishops ad requested in 1929 my Holy Mary to Sister Lucia. It has not happened yet.

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