“Mystical City of God – The Conception” Movie

It all started about 12 years ago when after seeing a movie (I think it was “The Red Violin”) I commented to my wife that someone should make a movie on the life of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary based on visions of Sister Maria of Jesus (of Agreda, Spain). That very night I had an amazing dream that changed my life.

The first thing that made me realize that this was not an ordinary dream was when I saw what appeared to me to be television static. Like a TV that had completely lost it’s signal. Just as soon as I thought to myself  “what kind crazy of dream is this” the static was gone and I saw a crystal clear full color image of  veiled woman kneeling in prayer. Her head was  tilted forward so with the veil so I could not see her face.  I remember thinking “who is this woman?”?

No sooner had this second thought crossed my mind when the woman stood up and walked towards me. She was very young, and beautiful beyond words to describe.  She wore cream colored veil and had auburn hair and violet blue eyes. The most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Glowing, full of love and innocence. An amazingly beautiful creature.  She looked at me, it felt to me like she looked right into the depths of my soul and smiled. I felt my heart freeze, It felt as if my heart stopped beating at the very moment she looked at me with that beautiful smile. I awoke with a gasp.

I spent the next seven years extracting the screen play from Sister Maria’s visions as described in the “Mystical City of God”, now 277 pages.

I had began reading “Mystical City of God” after the recommendation of a woman I met who was also visiting the site of reported apparitions of “Our Lady of Light” in Northern Kentucky on the 8th day of the month in 1992 and 1993 during which I witnessed what appeared to me to be miraculous events. I even met the visionary, a woman named Sandy who held my hand tightly upon our greeting. The overwhelming feeling of the presence of Our Heavenly Mother during these apparitions seemed to touch us all in a very profound way. It took me several years to read all the “Cuidad de Dios” books for the first time. It was truly amazing journey to begin to understand how God’s plan to redeem his people was achieved through the immaculate conception and birth of of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary and the heroic virtues of the patriarchs and prophets and the fervent prayers of many generations finally  culminating in the fervent prayers of Saints Anne and Joachim who were found worthy to be the parents of sinless Virgin Mary. Holy Mary who alone among all women would be found worthy to conceive the God Man.

Without reading these books it would been impossible for me to even begin to understand how her heroic virtue could bring God to clothe Himself in human flesh. It my fervent desire to share this great treasure with all those who seek to know their Most Holy Queen and Mother and through Her, Jesus our King and Savior. So now let us begin our journey. Please be sure to click the link for the older comments first so you can start with Scene #1 and read the screen play in the correct sequence.

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