Franciscan Living In the World

href=””>IMG_0565Today was like most days when my holy wife does not need to work first shift at the hospital. I rolled up of bed in my typically fog and shuffled to the kitchen to attempt to make a pot of coffee. Somehow I got a pot started and went to the bedroom to grab my copy of Christian Prayer (The Liturgy of the Hours) and found is was the feast of Saints Anne and Joachim, the parents of the most blessed Virgin Mary.

Anne and Joachim are very dear to me as the Mystical City of God describes their very holy and prayerful lives and their prayers for the coming of the messiah. I was not able to make all the way through the morning prayers before it was time for work but was able to finish it after the 12:05 mass of Mary Queen of the Universe Shrine.

I was able to finish the matins and prime prayers from the Office of the Passion during my drive to work. During the drive I was very much aware of personal sin and need for penance.  Much more so than usual and I became aware that God was speaking to me although I had recently been complaining that he was not speaking to me.

During the 12:05 mass, as usually I felt immersed in the presence of the eternal moment of the last supper, passion and crucification of Jesus. Like being present in the time of the temporal world and in the timeless eternity at the same time.


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