Music in honor of Sister Maria of Agreda

DSCN0258Music in honor of the Venerable Sister Maria Jesus de Agreda (27-2-2013) | Topics: Diocese today

The date of the 24th of each month has become a mandatory appointment of all devotees of Sister Mary to pray for the Cause of Beatification in the Convent of La Concepción (Ágreda). This February 24 February celebration having acquired a special character as a thread of music inspired by Sister Mary.

This concepcionista lived baroque religiosity gave great importance to the worship of God, the ornament and atmosphere of festivals and religious celebrations, taking the music featured prominently in them. He has also been a source of inspiration for musicians from different times and places. In the prayer of February 24 have interpreted the works of three authors.

A poem composed by Sister Mary, who recalls the Song of Songs, which was set to music in 2012 Jesus Villarroya. This young musician, guitar teacher at the Municipal School of Music and director of Agreda Coral Villa de Agreda, has been commissioned to interpret the poem musicado. The musical composition inspired by the Cantigas of Alfonso X the Wise. He was part of the liturgical celebration of the Solemn Profession of Sr Vianney and Sister Patricia, both concepcioncitas that made their vows at the Monastery agredeño in October last year. This time it was they who interpreted the poem.

The second track of the evening was “The Legend of the Blue Bonnet”, composed by Cynthia Jordan in 2009. It is part of a CD, with 26 songs, entitled “The Lady in Blue”, produced in Nashville, USA. The compositions are dedicated to Sister Mary as mystic, missionary and writer. The song “The Legend of the Blue Bonnets” interpreted Consuelo Campos, a member of the Working Group of Sor Maria de Jesus. The song tells the story of how the last time Sister Mary visited American Indians dragged her blue cloak over land the next day sprouted flowers, blue bonnets (blue bonnet is the official state flower of Texas). Cynthia Jordan is an outstanding singer and songwriter in America. In 1983 one of his compositions was the number one song cuntry throughout the year.

Finally, the Choir of the Parish of Our Lady of Miracles sang the “Hymn to the Mother Agreda” composed in 2002 by Maximino Gonzalez Carchenilla natural Improvement (Toledo), musicologist, composer, music producer and educator, director of the Coral Stellarum, Madrid, and founding member of the Gregorian Schola Caesarobrigensis. The Hymn to the Mother Agreda was composed in 2002, in the fourth centenary of his birth, due to the personality and human and spiritual richness of the Venerable. According to the author, “Mother Agreda” is an ode to his figure, his example and his work. During the song threshed keywords like history, spirit, pen, genius, mystical zeal, hands, eyes, life, steps, eg sky, which made a musical and poetic game, summarizing as “pills” spirituality Mother.

The musical evening celebration and showed that Sor Maria de Jesus still relevant today because of its religious dimension and its cultural value.

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