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Since the mainstream and social media have become a propaganda apparatus of the Chinese Communist Party, the deep state and sensor the real news, Mystical City Media will start uncensored real news. To get get caught up to the current moment we will provide and analysis of situation assess and will then provide updates and post links fro external sources that we have researched and determined to be credible.

Big Picture – Situation Assessment

My research indicates that for the at least the last 100 years the Roman Catholic Church and governments (I live in the USA) has been under and ever increasing assault control by masonic-marxist-luciferians. The secret society, the masons were the primary force behind the French Revolution, the Bolshevik revolution and communist takeover of the western world. The masons are controlled by a few wealthy families who have sold their souls to lucifer for temporal wealth and power. A multi-generational curse.

Lucifers plan is to drag as many souls as possible to hell by convincing them that hell does not exist. I am 100% percent certain that HELL DOES EXIST because I have had visitors/demons from hell. The three shepherd children at Fatima had a vision of hell. If you have a visitor from hell you will never forget it. The most important thing every human creature needs to focus on is saving their own soul by keeping Gods commandments, Everything else is secondary.

Latest News

The masonic, luciferians with the help the Chinese Communist Party and friends (aka communists, democrats, socialists) have taken over the government of the USA with the help of many members of the republican party. There are many treasonous actors who have also also been convinced that hell does not exist and have let themselves fall under the control of the demons.

Please view the documentary from Mike Lindell “Absolute Proof” of 2020 election fraud.

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