St. Francis and His Devotion to Holy Mary

St. Francis & Marian Spirituality

  1. Let us begin at the beginning, Genesis 3
    1. “I will make you enemies of each other; you and the woman, your offspring and her offspring. It will crush your head and you will strike its heal”.
    2. Just as sin entered humanity through the serpent’s deception of the first woman Eve, the Eternal Creator in his infinite wisdom and mercy provided for a remedy through the immaculate conception a Woman, the sinless Virgin Mary who through the power of the Holy Spirit would conceive a savior capable of suffering to achieve our redemption.
  2. The conception and life of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary
    1. For many generations devout Jews prayed the coming of he Messiah
    2. Conceived without the stain of original sin (the Immaculate Conception) in the old Age of St. Anne and St Joachim
    3. Consecrated to God before her birth and entered into service in the temple at the age of three
    4. Espoused to St. Joseph in chaste marriage at the age of 14
    5. Although Anne and Joachim left Mary a large inheritance she with Joseph chose a life of poverty
    6. Visited Elizabeth to prepare for the birth of St. John
    7. Gave birth to Jesus in a cave and fled to Egypt where the Holy Family lived in complete poverty
    8. Requested the first public miracle of Jesus at wedding feast in Cana
    9. Followed Jesus during his passion witnessed his death on the cross
    10. Present with the apostles at Pentecost
    11. Present at the ascension
    12. Lived with St. John the evangelist at Ephesus until her death and assumption into heaven
  1. Francis & His Devotion to The Blessed Virgin Mary
    1. “The Life of St. Francis of Assisi” by St. Bonaventure” – Chapter 3

i.     “Francis, the servant of God, abode thus for some time in the church of the Virgin Mother of God, pouring forth continual prayers to her who had conceived the Eternal Word, full of grace and truth, that she would vouchsafe to be his advocate, and now, by the merits of the Mother of Mercy, he conceived and brought forth the spirit of evangelical truth.”

    1. Francis and Clare Prayed The Office of the Passion seven times daily (“Francis & Clare, The Complete Works”  or  “The Gest of the Great King”

i.     Our Most Holy Father (page 104)

ii.     Praises to be said at all hours “Holy, Holy Holy” Page 101

iii.     Antiphon to the “Holy Virgin Mary” Page 82 (said twice during each office)

iv.     Salutation to the Blessed Virgin Mary “ Hail O Lady” Page 149

v.     The Salutation of the Virtues “Hail Queen Wisdom” Page 151

vi.     The psalm for the hour and season (15 Psalms in total)

vii.     Antiphon to the “Holy Virgin Mary” Page 82

viii.     Blessing of Dismissal “Let Us Bless the Lord” – Page 83

  1. Marian Apparitions Approved by the Church.
    1. Guadalupe 1531 – Mass conversion of Aztec Indians
    2. Paris 1830 – The Miraculoous Medal  was  requested with the prayer “O Mary conceived without sin pray for us who have recourse to Thee”
    3. Rome 1842 – The conversion of Alphonse Ratisbonne
    4. La Salette 1846 – Request for Penance and Prayer
    5. Lourdes 1848 – “I am the Immaculate Conception’. Exhortation to praying the rosary and penance”
    6. Pontmain 1871 – Request for Prayer and Penance
    7. Pellevoisin 1876 – Healing and conversion of Estelle Faugette
    8. Giertzwald 1877 – “Pray the Rosary”
    9. Knock 1879 – Silent vision of Mary, St. Joseph, St. John the Evangelist and the eucharistic Lamb of God on the alter with a cross.
    10. Fatima 1917 – Pray the rosary, reparation, repentance, and sacrifice, the abandonment of sin and the consecration of Russia.
    11. Bearaing 1932  – “I am the Mother of God, the Queen of Heaven, Pray always
    12. Banneux 1933 – “I am the Mother of the Savior, Mother of God, Pray much, Adieu”
    13. Syracuse 1953 – Plaster image the the Virgin Mary weeps human tears resulting in healing of Antonina Jannusa who was suffering from toxemia of pregnancy

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