Pilgrimage from Venice to Agreda

Even though the end goal was to get Agreda, Spain to visit the convent of Sister Maria of Jesus , we needed to start in Venice since was the last stop we missed in 2005.

Our first day was a little rough as we had way too much luggage and took the public water taxi from the airport which dropped us as the public landing for the Piazza San Marco. We had way too much luggage and did not know how to get to our hotel other than walking since their were no cars in this part of Venice. Joan asked me to walk up through the Piazza San Marco to see if I could find our hotel while she waited with the bags.  As I started to walk that way and turned the corner into the piazza from the waterfront the first thing I noticed was just how big it was and how many people were there. I had a feeling this was not going to be easy.

I walked all the way up past the palace of the Doge and the Basilica of St. Marks until I could see the entire piazza to my left. I looked up and down both sides of the piazza and could not see any hotel names. The were hundreds of people shooting photographs and children feeding the pigeons. I realized that it was likely going to take hours to find our hotel without getting some assistance so I walked back to waterfront to give Joan an update.

When I got back to Joan I asked her if she would like to try another route to try to find our hotel. She agreed and headed east along the waterfront. She made her over a small canal and head north through the narrow streets. Along the way she stopped in a dedicated to the Most Blessed Virgin Mary church to pray for divine assistance in finding our hotel.  No sooner had join returned from her prayers when a porter with a two wheeler appeared from the public dock were had disembarked over an hour earlier.  He told us he would deliver our bags to our hotel for twenty Euro. We told him needed to get the Best Western by the Hard Rock Cafe. We did not even know the correct name of our hotel because our modem had died before we left and the technician who came to replace it did not tell us that we had to reactivate our e-mail accounts so we did not get our travel reservation confirmations.

I gladly gave him to 20 Euro and he loaded our bags onto his two wheeler and lead us through the narrow streets up from the waterfront back through the Piazza San Marco into another narrow street. We crossed another bridge over a canal and quick arrived at our hotel, the Cavalleto which backed directly up to the canal across from the Hard Rock Cafe. We were very tired from the all night flight but very glad we had finally found our hotel.

We approached the front desk and asked for our room but they  did not have any reservations under our name. Joan made a call to Hotels.com and we found out that they had incorrectly made our reservations for the prior night so we were listed as a “no show”. Although the Calaletto would not credit us for the prior missed night they did give us an upgrade to a room overlooking the canal.

After getting our bags into the room, we decided to spend some time exploring the streets of Venice so we headed back to the Piaza San Marcos.

We finally made it to the convent of Sister Maria of Jesus in Agreda, Spain.

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