From Quito to Akita – Tears and Warnings from The Queen of Universe

Chapter 1 – Our Lady of Good Success – A Warning from the 400 Years Ago for Our Times

Our Lady of Good Success appeared to Sister Maria Torres, who was a member the same Franciscan Conceptionist Order as Sister Maria of Agreda with a warning for 20th century. This apparition was approved by the local bishop and specifically warned of precipitous moral decline in the 19th and 20th centuries s a result of infiltration by the “Masonic Sects”.

The Masonic Lodges of France played a role in inciting the French Revolution which resulted in the slaughter of thousands of Catholics including clergy and religious. The guillotine was instrument chosen for their murder under the banner of “Equality, Liberty and Fraternity”.

Freemasonry Involvement in French Revolution

Emboldened by ther success in sowing murder and chaos during the Fresh Revolution the Masons developed a plan called the Alta Vendita which was authored by the highest Masonic Lodge in Italy to destroy the church from within. Many Masons entered the clergy in France and Italy to work their plan.

The Masonic sects also has infiltrated many nations and peoples causing death and destruction in Christian counties including Mexico, Portugal, Spain and Russia.

Our Holy Queen was not deterred by the Freemasons and the demons they served. Holy Mary appeared to two sheperd children at La Salette France in tears and another warning.

Video with Message of Our Lady of La Salette

But her messages were not made known to Her people as she had requested so she appeared again to Bernadette Soubirous at Lourdes, France begging “Penance,penance penance”for poor sinners.

Mary’s Apparition at Lourdes, France

But still her children did not lister so she appeared again at Fatima to three small shepherds and asked for prayers and penance for poor sinners who had no one to pray for them. After promising the children that they would go one day go to heaven she showed them a vision of hell.

But by 1958 the hierarchy of the Catholic Church had already been infiltrated by the Freemasons who had entered the priesthood, became bishops and cardinals, and engineered the election of Pope John XXIII, who instead of releasing the 3rd secret of of Fatima as specially requested by the Holy Mary of God chose instead to call the heretical Vatican II council.

Before the Vatican II council Mary appeared as our
Our Lady of Nations warning us again of again of calamities and requested that the pope and theologians declare the final Marian dogma of “Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate” to bring peace to the world.


Third Secret of Fatima Not Revealed

Since the Third Secret at Fatima was not revealed by 1960 as specifically requested by Our Queen, Holy Mary appeared to Sister Angnes I Akita Japan in 1973.

Third Secret from Fatima revealed in Akita, Japan

Holy Mary has told Father Gobbi that we are living in the Apocalypse. I recommend a thorough reviews of all the content on the Marian News website and Youtube channel.

Marian News

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